4 of 366

First day back to school today after Christmas vacation, and it went well! My day was great, most especially because of the prelim exam results I got.

I got 98% on both Theology II and Communication Arts II today. I honestly didn’t expect it! Most especially in CommArts II because I seriously didn’t study anything. I just scanned the pages a minute before the exam, literally. And I got 98, so I was like “Are you kidding me?” earlier and jaw drop at the same time lol!

Also what made this day quite amusing is that out of the 4 of us balugs, i was the only one who didn’t really had a change. Jelyn got her hair relaxed, Justine now has separators so next week she’s gonna be having braces but the most amusing part is that Kristine got her hair rebonded. All of us are really shocked earlier, then after a minute of shock we were like “Oh my God, what happened to you?” and then we just burst out laughing.

The best thing I think for today is the information about our upcoming Finals/Field Trip for Art Appreciation. Confirmed! The Field Trip will be at CamSur!! Omg I’m sooooo excited! I wish my folks will allow me to go, I’ll start saving for the trip and I’m sure now that I will not go to Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour Live in Manila 😦

Last thing, I’m so not friggin’ bitter. My bestfriend Ashlyn said that maybe he‘s just making me jealous. Well if her theory’s true then I’m sorry for him that he made me think everything’s over.


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