Confessions of a moving on lass

Boy, you got me so f*ckin’ disappointed. If you’re still on the joke, well then I’m sorry ‘coz I’m not gonna go with the flow anymore. Live with your jokes, I’m not gonna care anymore. I thought you were different, but my mind’s telling me you’re worse than others. If you’re gonna give me the blame on why you’re like that then I’ll take it but I’m not the one who made the friggin’ wrong move to mess things up and make it worse than before. You chose that joke, well I’m gonna give you my own piece of joke that you’re gonna regret. This is so f*ckin’ over and thanks for giving me enough reason to move on.

But if you’re not joking, well then I’m happy for you. Maybe I just expected too much, but thankfully I was ready to fall after my expectation crashed. Just don’t make me feel f*ckin’ bitter. Go on with your life, I’ll go on with mine.

“Someday, we’ll meet the right guy for us, tanchi.”

That’s what my best friend told me, I so agree with her. The road is long, and we’re gonna enjoy being single. lolwhut


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