Accepting the bitter truths

Tell me that time when you just heard yourself say “The truth hurts.”

Yeah, Life is full of painful bitter truths. Most of the time it’s at its most painful when you just don’t expect that bitter truth to come and after knowing, you’re all like left shattered. The only thing that will keep you from getting hurt because of the truth is if you just always get yourself ready to face it. But of course, you can’t just keep on expecting it, right? You know you’ll just tire yourself so yeah it’s pretty much an x choice.

I’ll tell you an example of a bitter truth.

The truth that you know you and your special someone is over. That’s just a truth. It will only become bitter because of the reason behind. It’s gonna be a bitter truth if the two of you broke up because you weren’t good enough for him/her which made him/her look for another person to love. And then you’re gonna be left like, why? What did I do? Did I do something wrong? And then he/she will tell It’s just not working. I mean, do you get my point? If you’ve been in love, I know you understand.

Also, one thing about bitter truths is when it will just take you aback after finding out/hearing/knowing about it. Then you’re gonna be left hurt, not knowing what to do next, or even just being unable to think straight. If so, you’ll just either see yourself moving on or stuck on the long rocky road where you’ll just see yourself stumbling over and over again until you’re more hurt than before.

The best thing to do is to accept and move on, of course. Yes, it’s gonna be hard and it may take time but it’s worth it. Enlighten yourselves by relaxing and trying to live life. If you’re able to do these things successfully you’ll see yourself happier than before and able to learn from the past. You’ll be grateful that you knew the truth ☺


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