The truth will set you free

I’ve never been this peaceful! Well, at least so far.
Reading love stories have done me good at last!!! I applied what I learned from them.
I thank my best friends so much, for pushing me to do this, and overcome my fear of hurt (for this once) and my fear of hurting people.
Telling the truth will always be hard and hurtful, but it will give you peace of mind. It will set you free, from guilt, from further confrontations, from lies, from everything. When you pushed yourself further to the vault of secrecy and keeps, you will find yourself seeking peace. That place leads to emotional breakdowns, harsh confrontations, and painful closures. Tell the truth at the earliest possible time to avoid regrets. Just let your feelings flow carefully with your choice of words. But choosing words shouldn’t let you keep even the tiniest bit of truth, because it will just eat you up when it grows bigger once again.
I didn’t regret this decision, for once I’m happy with my decision. Telling the truth will always be my first option, only, I lack courage sometimes.
When you tell the truth, I would recommend a few supporting words from friends and then go on your own and when you start, don’t hesitate. Never double take. Just let everything out.


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