Yeah right tell me about it

Fucking freedom. Why did I even expect I’ll have such? Fuck really. I’m a frickin 16 year old 2nd year college and I’m never ever free to do what I want to do, even the smallest things, without asking for their permission.

And even this small thing of doing what I like with my own fckng room I don’t have a right to do so without their fckng approval!

Don’t get me wrong. I love my parents. I think they’re great, and I know they’re not perfect. No one is anyway. But I’m just so damn tired of them controlling my fucking own life. I can’t keep on believing I love my life, because I CAN’T TIL THEY GIVE ME THE FREEDOM I’VE BEEN CRAVING FOR EVER SINCE.

The sad thing is, they’re my parents who doesn’t know me as much as others do. Sometime in my life I thought maybe I just haven’t proven that, but maybe it’s just me afraid of the truth that my own parents don’t know me at all. Because if they do know me, they’ll know what to do.


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