Song Review: Fifteen by Taylor Swift

I thought of making a review for this one coz it kinda happened to me.

I was freshman, in college, when I was fifteen. I was nervous of course, coz it’s a new beginning I’m facing.

And at fifteen, I thought I know everything already.

I thought I know better than my parents. I thought I’m the right one in every argument we have. I thought I shouldn’t be treated like a kid anymore, but it’s right though. I thought they should know I’m supposed to be independent already, and they should know I can handle myself on my own.

At fifteen, I fell in love, with the guy on the football team. I thought I was one of the happiest in this world. I thought every single time we spend would be unforgettable. For first, I went on a date. On an actual date, unlike the sneaky ones I had before that is not even considered a date. And I thought he loved me. I thought we’d go well. I thought we’d last. I thought he’d change. I thought he loved me enough to change. I loved him that I forgot myself and my happiness. I didn’t look before I fell. I’m crushed then.

At fifteen, all I wanted is to fit in. I went on an audition at our street dance crew. I joined the cheering squad.

At fifteen, my best friend/younger sister cried because of a boy who changed his mind. She cried everytime he rejects her. She gave all her love, but he just left her the instant he said he liked her.

Then, I realized. I reread everything I wrote in my diary when I was fifteen. I realized life is deeper than what I perceived. I realized I still don’t know my future, and what I’m gonna be. I told myself, “Hey, you still have a long way to go. You’ll meet more people. You’ll fall in love again and again. You’ll meet another guy who’ll make your heart skip, but you should always take a second look before you fall. You should not see every guy you fall in love with as the guy who you think you’re gonna live with forever. You should know when it’s time to stop, and move on. You should know when you’ve had enough, so you’ll not burst up. You’ll trip, you’ll fall, but you’ll stand up again. You’ll make more mistakes, but you’ll learn more. You don’t have to want to be wanted, just be yourself and there will be someone who’ll want you for who you really are, and not because you fit in. You’ll meet greater heights, instead of being stuck under. You’ll figure out a way to live your life to the fullest, out into the wild. You’re gonna be independent someday, travel the world, just be patient. You’ll see.” I wished I knew before what I knew now.


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