ohmgeeeee :”)

All the effort I gave today paid back!! :”) I’m so pbbteens lolwhut anyways it’s just that this day had been tiring as hell. Like, you go back and forth from a place to another, add up the global warming in its highest degree which left me drenched in my own sweat. I’m not even doing anything! Just sitting, and I perspire like heck.


I got a new crush. And another from the past few days. No one knows yet except for me lol. My crush since last year made my insides flip and my butterflies do its shuffle dance. I’m so weird when I have a huge like on someone, coz I act like a lovestruck kid.

My blockmate keep on teasing me, says I’m getting fatter. I don’t really notice a difference, ’til I saw this.

Chubby cheeks!

Sorry ’bout being silent the past weeks/month. It’s busy at school, and I got addicted again playing The Sims 2.


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