It’s been months, & I still have my eyes on you

Can’t think of any title lol but yeah that pretty much says it all.

I’m on the edge of the danger zone now. And even though I told myself countless times that I should stop this, I should not assume, I should not hope, it’s as if my heart just won’t listen.

I’m holding on to something that obviously doesn’t give a damn on things such as attraction and confession. I don’t really hold anything concrete to prove that somehow, he also feels something for me, but if only I’m not that naïve maybe I would’ve had my answers and proofs now. I don’t really know about the behavior of boys. So I have no idea if he’s somehow already making himself obvious and if he is already giving hints or what. Because of all things, taking hints and guessing have always been my weaknesses.

So I’m clueless as heck right now.

And hopeless as crap.

And if what I’m showing to him wasn’t enough, and he hadn’t have a clue even the tiniest bit, then maybe I really should not be looking forward to an us in the future.

Or, I don’t know maybe I should give more hints? Make myself more obvious?

Then what, see myself face first on concrete ground.

Or maybe, he saw me, but also saw a reason why there’s nothing to look forward to. Like maybe, he can’t see me giving a chance sometime.

Love is so complicated.

  • Danger zone – falling in love

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