Then he showed up out of the blue

You see, I was talking about that guy the last time I posted here.

Now I’ll be talking about this guy. Who just showed up out of the blue and took me completely off guard, and a heck of surprised of course.

Of course again, I know I’m putting meaning and exaggeration on his actions but please I’m sorry I’m really naïve about guy language and stuff.

But even my sister agreed with me! That there’s more to that action than what it shows. I’m really confused.

Last time, I was disappointed with that guy. This time, I was surprised with this guy but got disappointed because of the perfect timing ever (note the sarcasm).

It’s just unusual of him to do that thing, and even planned to do it again. I don’t know what to think! It’s really not normal for him, and I’m quite hoping that I’m correct this time. And that this time, things would work out.

I think I sound desperate, but please I’m not. I’m just confused, and assuring myself that I should not get carried away easily and let my guard down.


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