A rollercoaster ride of emotions

It’s already the 3rd week of March, and so far March had been a real roller coaster ride. It had been tight, like each day and each hour, my mood changes. It’s not just because I’m moody, it’s because of everything that’s happening or happened all at once! Good thing I’m still alive and kicking lol I’ve been managing, and I hope I’ll manage ’til the end. I’m still hoping and praying and keeping my fingers crossed for my grades, because I really need the scholarship 😦

How did it become a roller coaster ride?

1. Exhaustion, no sleep, worn out

Yeah, this month has been, and still is, so freaking busy. Requirements never cease. But I’m still trying my very best and I always keep in mind that giving up is not an option. Not ever.

2. Mood swings

Sometimes, I just get really snappy that I don’t talk to anyone so as not to snap at them. I don’t know why, but something or someone just triggers it and I just turn into this girl who has an untouchable aura.

3. Things still turn out right

Things happen, yet somehow in the end it turns out alright. Unexpectedly. And I’m really grateful about it. Thank you Lord 🙂 ❤

4. And I’m ready, or getting ready, to take risks

Well, something should happen. If I don’t take a risk, opportunity might pass by and I might regret letting it go. It’s more comforting to think that I tried, even if I know the end may either be good or bad. At least, I’m happy.


And I guess soon enough, I’ll say I’m ready to fall in love again.

If all else fails, I’m also ready.


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