Game of love

page what of 365. All i know is this is for april 25. And this is an instant post out of reaction. And i’m lost in the game of love.


This isn’t a game for the doubtful, hesitant, slow, and foolish people who don’t have the courage to man up and take a risk.

I don’t know if I was just led on. Or I was just giving freaking meanings to all he did. But if you take a look back, I guess I can’t say I’m sure but at least I saw a spark there! I must be super nuts if there wasn’t! Even a single one!

Ugh. I just don’t know. I really need to know all this mindfuckng shit soon. Coz I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the pain if this will continue to go on and I’m still holding on to an invisible rope that’s only visible to me.

I’m thinking that it’s possible that he’s just trying to be the good guy here, knowing that this girl likes him and doesn’t want to hurt her feelings so he plays with her in her game, but always played safe. Of course that’s his rule, right? Play along but play safe so no one gets hurt.

After all this time. This is still left to be solved.

And how much I’m wishing right now that I didn’t make yet another mistake. That this is all good reality where I’m right this time. That I chose the right guy again. That I didn’t dig my own shithole by myself again. That I’m falling for the guy who’s ready to catch me. And I’m letting myself fall for the guy who’s willing to catch me.

Now telling about him to mom just got way more distant.


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