Review: Rainmeter

I like trying out new things. Most especially when it comes to computers and such. And so I came up with this! Ta-da!

rainmeter's so cool!

Oh Adam….

I love desktop right now I can stare at it all day… ♡

Anyways back to the topic! So I saw my blockmate’s desktop and I asked him how he had his sophisticated looking desktop. He said he installed skins, via Rainmeter.

So what’s this Rainmeter?

It’s a software providing different skins that you can add to modify your desktop. Most of the time, I download skins from Deviantart. Then sometimes, I also modify the skins via code or photoshop. It’s not really that complicated as long as you understand a bit of this and that. There are calendars, notes, system infos, docks, etc.

And it’s really really cool, coz I’m not really fond of messy desktop icons and such. And it’s on Windows 7! Well.. mine is lol


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