What they see

I wonder, how I look like when I use this facial expression or gesture or voice or what in front of other people. Is my face easy to read? Do my eyes easily give me away? Is it obvious when I’m lying, or hiding something, or when I don’t like something or when I’m clueless though I pretend not to? Is my fake smile distinguishable from my genuine smile? Does it show when I’m hurt? Do people see my pretenses?

I’m curious, because so far no one told me an answer from one of those questions. So I thought that maybe I was effective with my feelings. But then one did.

And this one, people keep on asking me “What did you even see in him?” And I said, I d0n’t even know now. ‘Coz I’m supposed to be getting over him, yet he still have this effect on me that I don’t even know why so!! It’s frustrating! Disregarding everything I liked on him, he still have this effect. Is he like an alien or something 😦

I don’t want to think anymore.

Especially about him.

Because he’s like a story that happened a long time ago that in just a short span of good time that happened not so long ago, we became total strangers.


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