The Other Side – Tonight Alive

Oh, and I’m still making you that mixtape I said I was gonna give you for you birthday last February. I just don’t know when I’m gonna give it to you. Because the songs in that mixtape are precious to me, they hold the feelings and thoughts that I held on for a long time, and kept for a long time. They are fragile, just as sharing them to you is fragile. Because my deepest feelings hidden behind the wall don’t usually go out, so this simple representations known as songs hold the deepest words in my soul. I’m still giving it to you because I want you to know what I really felt. I can’t feel relieved until I give it to you, because I know I left you for lame reasons that doesn’t justify what happened, doesn’t justify me letting go. And I want you to know that whatever happens you’re still that special guy who listened and understood and tried. And you’re still that guy who was always there in one call, on any serious or crazy or lame matter. And I know things can’t go back to the way they used to be, but just so you know, I’m still hoping.


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