18 Lessons I Am Glad I Learned By 18

Being 18

Thought Catalog

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1. Make no apologies for you who you are, so long as who you are is not hurting anyone else.

2. Never take the privilege of an education for granted. You are in a position many of those who have the ability yet not the means are envious of. You owe it to the world to do something great with the gift of the opportunities an education brings.

3. You need people. Everyone needs people. The world is a big, scary, and confusing place at times. No one can make it through life entirely on their own. Sometimes we all need a little help.

4. Forgive people not for their sake, but for yours. Holding a grudge is a waste of perfect happiness. You cannot control the hurtful actions of others but you can choose how long you allow those careless actions to have power over you and your happiness…

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