When You Think You Miss Him, This Is What You’re Actually Missing

Thought Catalog

Mateus Lunardi DutraMateus Lunardi Dutra

You can still feel his touch when you close your eyes. It was dry and coarse but it warmed you. You yearn for the comfort that came with the feeling of his fingertips running down your back.

You want to feel his hand pressed against yours one more time, if only to ensure it feels exactly the way you remember it. You want to see if he’d still instinctively interlace his fingers with yours, like he used to.

You want to feel the way you used to. You want to feel that safe again.

You miss the way his eyes drank you in and how when they widened they silently spoke a promise to never hurt you.

Remembering a time before you’d ever been hurt is comforting, because things were easier then. It was a time before you realized you were capable of falling for someone, hard…

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